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RULE V.—"Yu-gamae."

After the "Kake" (Rule III.) and "Te-no-wura" (Rule IV.) are properly fixed, put the lower end of the bow on the left knee, and stretch the left hand forewards little by little. This process is called "Yu-gamae." While the archer is stretching the left hand forwards fix the middle junction of the thumb so that it aims at the centre of the mark, and while pushing the bow with the root of the thumb the handle of the bow will be mainly held with the third and fourth fingers.

At this time the left shoulder will be turned inwards to a slight degree. When this posture is taken the target will be naturally seen in front (in the Japanese archery the "front" indicates the right-hand side), and the arrow-head will point behind ("behind" is the left-hand side); and the head of the archer will face right opposite to the end of the target-ground.

Fig. 3—Yu-gamae

Aiming at the target must be done with the right eye, keeping the left eye idle. Fig. 3 shows the position of the " Yu-gamae." In this position special care will be taken not to spoil the " Do-zukuri," and to keep the legs firm.