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AnonThe Art of Archery,
Edited by Henri Gallice, Translation by H. Walrond, 1901.
Ca. 1515
Ascham, RogerToxophilus,
The fchole of fhootinghe conteyned in tvvo bookes
Markham, Gervase The Art of Archerie 1634
Moseley, Walter MichaelAn Essay on Archery
Describing the Practice of that Art in all Ages and Nations
Hargrove, E. Anecdotes of Archery
From the earlieft ages to the year 1791
Roberts, T. The English Bowman
or: Tracts on Archery, to which is added the second part of The Bowmans Glory
Waring, Thomas,A Treatise on Archery
or, The Art of Shooting with the Long Bow
Hastings, ThomasThe British Archer
or, Tracts on Archery
Toxophilite, Old The Archer's Guide1833
Hansard, George AgarThe Book of Archery
Being the complete history and practice of the art, ancient and modern
Ford, Horace A.Archery, its theory and practice
2nd. Edition
Thompson, Maurice
and Will H.
How to train in Archery
Being a Complete Study of The York Round,
Thompson, MauriceThe Witchery of Archery
A Complete Manual of Archery
Morse, Edward S.Ancient and modern methods of arrow-release1885
Mason, Otis T.North American Bows, Arrows and Quivers1893
Longman, C.J. and
Walrond, Col. H.
Badminton Library of Sports: Archery 1894
Morse, Edward S.Additional Notes on Arrow Release1922
Pope, Saxton Hunting with the Bow and Arrow
Pope, Saxton A Study of Bows and Arrows
Duff, James Bows and Arrows
How They Are Best Made for All Kinds of Target Shooting.
Including Chapters on Shooting, Accessories and Competitions
Decker, George C.Bows and Arrows for Boys1930
Rounsevelle, PhillipArchery Simplified1931
Hunt, W. Ben and
Metz, John J.
The Flat Bow1936
Stemmler, L.E.The Essentials of Archery
How to Use and Make Bows and Arrows
Faris, N.A. and
Elmer, R.P. (Trans.)
Arab Archery
An Arabic manuscript of about A.D. 1500
Hickman, C. N.,
Nagler, Forrest
& Klopsteg, Paul E. (Editors)  
Archery: The Technical Side
A compilation of scientific and technical articles on theory, construction use and
performance of bows and arrows, reprinted from journals of science and of archery.
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