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The Art of Archerie
By Gervase Markham, 1634
A table of the things contained in this book.
A general encomion or praise of shooting both in peace and war. That shooting is most necessary for this kingdom both in peace and war, and how it may profitably be used, without charge to the country, trouble to the people or hindrance to necessary occasions. Of the chief point aimed at in shooting, and how to attain it. Of the bow, and the use. Of the shooting-glove, and the use thereof. Of the string, and the use. Of the bow, the diversities and the uses, what wood is best, the choice, the trimming, to keep it in goodness; and how to cure all mischiefs. Of the shaft, and the uses. Of the steel of the arrow, the excellence and use Of the feather, the nature, excellence and use. Of the arrow-head, the invention, and several uses. Of the handling of instruments, the time when, & c. Of comely shooting, the benefit and means, with the faults. The first posture, which is standing. The second posture, which is nocking. The third posture, which is drawing. The fourth posture, which is holding. The fifth posture, which is loosing. Of keeping a length, of wind, and weather. Principal observations from the time of the year. Of giving aim, the ease, and the errors. Of taking true standing, that is advantageous. Of straight shooting, the shifts, and helps.