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Notes Chapter XI
1. Five public archery meetings are held each year. The competition at all these is the same the prizes being awarded on 100 days' shooting, on each of which the York Round (72 arrows at 100 yards, 48 at 80, and 24 at 60) is shot by gentlemen, and the National Round (48 at 60 and 24 at so) by ladies. At two of these meetings, the Leamington and Crystal Palace, which, as implied by their names, are always held at the same place, there is no third day. At the other three meetings, which are held ill a different place each year, a third or handicap day is added. on which sweepstakes are shot for, every archer receiving half the difference between his own score and the highest made on the first two days.


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It may be as well to explain that 2 points ale given for total score, 2 for total hits, and 1 each for hits and score at each distance shot, making 10 points altogether for gentlemen and 8 for ladies.