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Effect of Rigid Middle Section of Bow on Static Strains and Stresses

This article showed force-draw curves and string tensions for bows having rigid or unbending middle sections. It also showed tor comparison purposes, similar curves for bows which bend in the handle.

This type of bow was used extensively at one time. The introduction of the "dip" (which is credited by Mr. Duff to John Buchanan of England) gave us a compromise between the "whip ended construction" and this type which is so shaped that it bends throughout its length in the arc of a circle. As a rule this is not a pleasant bow to shoot. It is likely to have an unpleasant "kick." The "dip" construction decreases the "kick" and makes a sweeter bow to shoot.

The advantages of the rigid middle section are now so well known that this article is not reproduced in this book.