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Hunting Bows

The typical Hunting Bow is about 5'8" long, Flat, Semi-Flat or Long Bow type. Bois d'arc (osage) is tough and dependable. The bow is plain ended and backed with rawhide. The string is oversized for safety and the handle is of heavy calf-skin or cowhide.

There are no frills on a good hunting bow—sturdiness and dependability are what count. For big game hunting the bow is around 70 lbs., some go as high as 80 lbs. Osage Orange is the most dependable wood at these heavy pulls. These bows are intended to drive big, broadheaded arrows with 3/8" shafts swiftly and surely to the mark and are made accordingly. For hunting small game, any kind of a bow 45 to 55 lbs. pulling weight will do. They may be plain ended, tipped with horn, fibre or metal and be either the long bow or flat bow type. Whether the bow is made of Lemonwood, Osage or Yew is immaterial. The arrow used in these lighter bows is 5/16" or 11/32" in diameter, is tipped with a small bunting head, and is fletched with long low triangular feathers.

fig. 37