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The Witchery of Archery
By Maurice Thompson, 1879.
Prefatory Remarks.
Outline Sketch Of The Practice Of Archery In Hunting.
Some Notes On Woodpecker Shooting.
Bow-Shooting On The St. John's
Hare, or Rabbit Shooting
Bow-Shooting With A Hermit.
Bold Robin Hood And His Merry Clan.
The Mysterious Lake.
Shooting the Wood-Duck and his Companions
The Death of the White Heron
The Game of Archery-Lawn Shooting, and Roving
The Battles of the Birds
Some Wing-Shots, and other Fancy Work
Three Weeks of Savage Life
Lady Toxophilites
Shooting Woodcock and Plover
The English Theory and Practice of Target-shooting
The Bow-The Bowstring-The Arrow-The Shooting Glove
The Quiver and Belt-The Bracer-The Target-The Ascham
-The Care of Tackle-The Archery Club and its Rules
Manual of Arms-How to Shoot