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Part 3 of 4


1. That each archer have a scoring card or paper on which to mark score as follows:

Wm. Green......... 1 7 40 yards
0 0
1stEnd............... 1 9
Total Hits, 2 Total Score, 16

2. That a captain be elected to superintend the scoring, and to settle disputes as to what a shot shall count.
3. That all persons, whether archers or not, shall keep behind the person shooting.
4. The range shall be (say sixty) yards for gentlemen, and for ladies (say thirty) yards.
5. There shall be two targets, one at each end of the range. Each shooter shall let go three arrows, and this shall be called an end. Then all persons, excepting the marker, shall walk to the other end of the range, extract their arrows, record score, and shoot three arrows back at the first target.
6. The number of ends for a game shall be thirty; that, is ninety shots for each archer.
7. That the rings on the targets score as follows:

Gold......9 Inner White.....5
Red.......7 Black..............3
Outer White......1

8. That the archer getting highest total score shall be winner.
9. In case two or more archers are even in total score, the one having the greatest number of hits shall win. If the hits are equal, also, then the one having the greatest number of gold hits, or hits nearest the gold, wins, or, if the equal archers choose, they may shoot three arrows each to settle the "tie."
10. That "hits" and "scores" are to be counted and kept separately.
11. That the winners of first prizes shall not afterwards compete for the lesser prizes of the day, unless they agree to allow to each competitor the difference between his and their score as a handicap. That is, if the winner of the open first prize beat A, B, and C respectively ten, twenty-five, and forty points, then on the new score, for the second prize, A, B, and C shall have respectively ten, twenty-five, and forty points the advantage to begin with.
12. That an arrow breaking two rings shall be scored for the higher ring.
13. Any arrow rebounding from the target shall not be scored.
14. If an arrow "flip" from the string and the archer cannot reach it with his bow it shall be counted a shot, scoring nothing.
15. Each arrow shall be distinctly marked with the owner's name.
i6. That no arrow be drawn from the target be-fore it is scored; otherwise its score to be lost.
17. That each archer shoot no bow or arrows except his own.
18. That no archer shall be allowed on the grounds if he is known to shoot left-handed.
19. That the scorer keep each archer's score as follows:

June, 1878.    SCORE-BOOK.

No. of Ends. Gold. Red. Inner
Black. Outer
Hits. Score.