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If a book is available in the printed version, the books are scanned manually. Initially, a flatbed scanner was used. This is a labour intensive process and not beneficial for the condition of the books, as much stress is put on the spine.
As digital the resolution of digital photographic cameras became higher and prices came down, later a digital camera was used. This enables faster image acquisition and less stress on the books. Only the images are still scanned on a flatbed scanner.

Sometimes books are already available in digital format. Depending on the format, they are either converted using OCR or edited in a word-processor

After obtaining the images an OCR-program is used to convert the images into text. The text is then corrected and formatted in a word-processor. These files are then converted into HTML.

The original paragraphs are maintained, as wel as the italics in the text. There may be spelling mistakes and even omissions so, if you do find a typing/scanning mistake, or if you suspect that something is not correct, please let me know. Please, do notice that the original spelling might be somewhat different than today.

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