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Modern Archery
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The footing already attained in this community by this pastime is very little understood. It has long been a mooted question, "Where do all the pins go?" and among archers the same question applies to bows. A single house in this city has imported and sold bows by the hundred, and yet there are very few' recognized archers in comparison. Many a backyard is decorated with the bright colored target for private recreation, that to passers-by on the street, and even to "friends of the family," is unknown. Decorate your lawn in like manner. As you come down town, stop and get an outfit. Visit any convenient archery range, and watch the shooters (but don't tell any Indian or other tales of wonderful shooting). The necessary details as to holding the bow, arrow, etc., will be practically explained in a few minutes, though they are difficult to satisfactorily express on paper. The rest you must teach yourself, and in time you will find it a labor of love. It will grow upon you ever. Don't think you will soon tire of the pastime. Maurice Thompson, the father of American archery, says, "So long as the new moon returns a bent beautiful bow in heaven, so long will the fascination of archery keep its hold on the hearts of men."