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Next update: Archery — The Technical Side by W. J. Rheingans & Forrest Nagler

1 May 2023
  • Update for "Archery — The Technical Side" by Hickman et al., 1947.
    Exterior Ballistics of Bows and Arrows. By W. J. Rheingans.
    This article deals with the flight of an arrow after it leaves the bow and is concerned primarily with the maximum range that can be obtained with arrows of various designs and with various initial velocities.
1 April 2023
  • New Article: "The Bow as a Hunter's Weapon"
    All the cunning and sagacity of the savage is needed to successfully stalk game with this age-old implement of the chase
    Article on bow hunting by Indians from North, Central and South America ans well as contemporary hunting. With a brief description on how to shoot and some remarks about accuracy.
    By Van Allen Lyman, from Forest and Stream, January 1921.
2 March 2023
1 February 2023
  • New Article: "Notes on Bow Making"
    Article with notes on how to make the joint for a grafted bow made, i.e. made of two pieces of wood. Also a discussion on making a backed bow using hickory.
    By James M. Challiss, from Forest and Stream, June 1913.
3 January 2023