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Types of Arrow-Heads
TYPES OF ARROW-HEADS: 1—Old English broad-head battle-type. 2—Our hunting broad-head; 2-inch blade. 3—Smaller hunting broad-head; a first attempt. 4—Ishi's steel hunting-head. 5—"Squirrel-head," soft steel, wire-wound and soldered. 6—Lanceshaped head, old style. 7—Obsidian head made by Ishi, bound with sinew. 8—Same type used in penetration-experiments, 9— "Bodkin point," used to pierce steel armor. 10—Small "bodkin point." 11—Target-head, made out of a bullet-jacket. 12.—English target-head or "pile." 13—Blunt head made from .22-calibre shell. 14—Blunt head, made of screw, wire-bound. 15—Blunt head, for testing penetration in parrafin.