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Plate 23: Yahi Bows and Quivers
Plate 23: Yahi Bows and Quivers
Fig. 1.—Hickory bow, backed with glued catgut. Made in 1914. A strong shooting bow, often used by Ishi. University of California Museum of Anthropology, specimen number 1—19867.
Fig. 2.—Unbacked ash bow, broken in use. It is much longer than Ishi usually made, 54 inches. Museum number 1—19451.
Fig. 3.—A yew bow, made on the normal proportions, backed with deer tendon. This specimen was broken in testing, before application of the backing. Museum number 1—19452.
Fig. 4.—Oregon yew bow, backed with thin rawhide. This was one of Ishi's best bows, used most at targets. Museum number 1—19590. Length, 44 inches. The hand grip, on all the above specimens, is woolen tape.
Fig. 5.—Quiver of otter skin. Specimen number 1—19566. The contained bow and arrows were made by Ishi at the Museum. The quiver is an original piece, taken when the camp of his people was discovered in 1908.