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Notes for Archery in manchester &tc.
1. The bow was never so completely a national weapon in Scotland as in England, but it is noteworthy that in 1639, among the covenanting army at Duns Low, under General Leslie, there were Highland archers.
2. In a battle between the clans under the Laird of Macintosh and Macdonal of Kippoch the bow is said to have been used. There is also on record a duel fought in 1791 between two combatants, who each shot three arrows without doing or receiving harm.
3. The method of military levies in the sixteenth century is fully illustrated by the documents printed by Mr. John Harland, F.S.A., in the two volumes relating to the Lancashire Lieutenancy under the Tudors (Chetham Society, volumes xlix. and I.). Thus, in 1574, Edmund Trafford (not yet knighted) was called upon to furnish one demi-lance, two light horses, ten corslets, ten coats of plate, ten pikes, eight longbows, eight sheaves of arrows, eight steel caps, three calivers, and three morions.