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The Bowstring
Part 3 of 4

Hold the strands firmly at A, Figure 43, with the left hand to prevent untwisting, and thoroughly wax the splice. This completes the splice, but to make sure that it will not open by handling, it is best to wrap or serve the entire splice, starting a little above the wrapping of the loop and continuing to beyond the longest end of the shorter pieces, as shown in Figure 44. The wrapping is secured by slipping the end under a couple of loose coils after which it is pulled up tight. Wax the whole loop, working the wax in well with the fingers.

Now place the loop on the hook again and straighten out the 6 single strands and apply wax to each strand. Then, starting at the loop, gently roll the 6 strands together, working them back and forth between the palms of the hands along the entire cord until the other end is reached (see Fig. 45).

See that the strands are evenly laid and then twist them in the same direction that the single strands are twisted. Do not, however, twist the entire cord too much. It should look about like the section shown in Figure 46.

Now fasten the end of the bowstring firmly to some object or have someone hold it as taut as possible, while it is thoroughly waxed all over once more.

Then take a piece of soft leather or some brown wrapping paper and rub the entire string briskly. This warms and partially melts the wax and unites the strands into a real bowstring. If colored paper is used for rubbing, a pleasing tint may be given to the cord.

Finally, tie a knot at the end of the now finished bowstring to prevent the strands from untwisting. After the proper length has been determined, the end may be served for a distance of 1/4 or 1/2 in.