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The Flat Bow
Part 9 of 9
Care of the Bow

Some archers use an oiled rag for wiping their bows before putting them away. Others use regular furniture wax. The latter method is preferable because it gives the bow a more lasting coating.

Arrows should be treated in the same manner.

Do not throw a bow down on the ground or on the grass. If dampness doesn't harm it, someone may step on it. Set it up against a tree or shrub where it is out of the way. When carrying a bow on the train, in a street car, or in an auto, it is good policy to have a bow case.

At home the bows should be hung up where the temperature remains fairly uniform. Some archers build a rack for their bows.

Do not let anyone try your bow to see how it pulls unless with an arrow in place, and let it be your own arrow. He may be using a longer arrow.

Playfully snapping the taut string of a bow is just as bad as snapping the trigger on an unloaded gun.

When a bow has assumed a curve, that is, when it follows the string when unstrung, do not try to bend it backwards. If it is a good bow, it will not alter its shape after it has once assumed a certain set.

Don't keep a bow strung when not in use.

Extreme heat or cold do not help the bow in any way. In very cold weather, it is apt to break, and in very warm weather, it loses cast.