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Third Chapter.
Of the Horns for Bows

Since I have spoken of the wood and make of bows, it is reasonable that I should say something about the horns. Generally, the horns of bows are made of cows' horn, the reason being that it is softer and less elastic than other horns are, and it is well suited for the square and round bows used for target shooting, as it is not too springy. But for flight shooting they are best when made from the tips of stags' horns, for the harder the horn, the greater spring it will give to the bow. And you must know that all horns should be fairly large where they fit on the bow, so as to keep the string away from the wood, and the shorter they are the better, as long as the bow can be strung. Some people have silver horns put on their bows, but I have found this neither useful or profitable, and I have tried both.