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1. 1 Samuel c. xx., v. 20
2. A "Dextre" equalled at Douai 3 feet, or 33 pouces. In the book of King Modus the distance is given as thirty "afours" (long paces).
3. M. Gallice informs me he has been unable to trass what this word is, unless it is "cissus," which is given as "vigne vierge" In Spiers' dictionary it is translated as "wild vine."-H. W.
4. Chapperon.
5. According as to whether the feathers were glued on, or fastened with waxed silk. M. Gallice informs me he has found in a dictionary, by Nicob (1616), "Tacle, tont trait collé, ferré; pour tirer de l'arc. Collé, id est,de qui les pennons sont collés, et non pas cirez."-H. W.
6. Tacle
7. Laquelle on ne voit nie
8. i.e. nock it