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Plate LIII
Eskimo Arrows, with Flat Feathers and Long Points

FIG. 1. SHAFT, of spruce wood, tapering from the head backwards to a point, to which a single feather is fastened by a seizing of sinew. The point, of walrus ivory, inserted in a split in the end of the shaft, and seized with sinew. Other specimens of these darts are seized with a fine rawhide line of babiche. Length of shaft and point, 19 inches.

Cat. No. 45476, U. S. N. M. Eskimo, Cape Nome, Alaska. Collected by E. W. Nelson.

FIG. 3. SHAFT, of pine, short and thick. Head, of bone, spatulate and spliced on to the shaft and held in place by sinew. In the specimens of this type made after contact with the whites the type of this spatulate point has a saw cut across the end, into which a blade of iron is inserted and held in place by a rivet. The connection between these two forms should be especially noted, as the more recent could not be explained without comparison with the ancient form. Length of shaft, 1 foot 5 1/2 inches; foreshaft, 5 inches.

Cat. Nos. 34052-55, U. S. N. M. Eskimo of Cumberland Gulf. Collected by Ludwig Kumlien.

FIG. 2. Similar to fig. 3, except that the head is of iron.

FIG. 4. SHAFT, of spruce wood. Head, a flat blade of iron, widened at the point and inserted into the split end of the shaft and held in place by the lashing of babiche or rawhide string. Feathers, two, laid on flat, the ends inserted into the wood of the shaft. Nock, flat; notch, large and deep.

Not numbered. St. Lawrence Island Eskimo. Collected by E. W. Nelson.

FIG. 5. SHAFT, of spruce wood, spliced, owing to the scarcity of material. Two feathers, laid on flat and seized with sinew. Nock, flat; notch, angular. The point, a bit of iron from a whaling ship, flattened out and fastened into a slit at the end of the shaft by a seizing of sinew thread. The point has been hammered and filed coarsely into cylindrical shape, Total length of shaft, 17 inches.

Cat. No. 30016, U. S. N. M. Collected by W. A. Funster,

Plate LIII