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Plate LIV
Bird Bolts from Various Areas

FIG. 1. SHAFT, cylindrical and flattened toward the notch. No feathers. Notch, with parallel sides. Head, a bullet-shaped piece of walrus ivory, perforated and fitted on the end of the shaft. Total length of shaft, 25 inches.

Not numbered, U. S. N. M. St. Lawrence Islands. Collected by E. W. Nelson.

FIG. 2. THE SHAFT, cylindrical and flattened toward the nock. Feathers, two, on inner ends, securely inserted into gashes on the side of the shaft, and the outer extremity seized with sinew. Notch, shallow. Head, of bone or antler, blunt-shaped, like a flower bud, with seven nodes or projections around the margin. This style of arrow is very common in this region. The head is found in a great variety of shapes, but they are all used for the purpose of stunning birds without drawing blood. Total length, 27 inches.

Cat. No. 45432, U. S. N. M. Eskimo, Cape Darby, Alaska. Collected by E. W. Nelson.

FIG. 3. SHAFT, of cedar; 25 inches long; narrow streak of red ocher around at upper extremity. Shaftment, flat; feather end near the nock without seizing; at the other extremity seized with sinew thread. Nock, flat; notch, very deep. The head is a cylinder of antler, hollowed at the lower extremity and fitted into the shaft with a conical tenon fitted into a cavity of the same shape. The head, at its upper extremity, is gashed, so as to have four pointed projections.

Cat. No. 33833, U. S. N. M. Eskimos of Pastolik. Collected by E. W. Nelson.

FIG. 4. SHAFT, a piece of hard wood, cut down so as to leave the tip of the shaft and the nock wide spreading. Feathers, three, long, fastened to the shaft by wide strips of sinew. No ornamentation, but very carefully made. Length, 27 inches.

Cat. No. 23736, U. S. N. M. Indians of Devil's Lake. Collected by Paul Beckwith.

FIG. 5. The whole arrow is of a single piece, without feathers. The head is a double pyramid. The nock is much expanding; the notch, shallow. In the companion arrow to this one the head is a double cone. Total length of shaft, 24 1/2 inches.

Cat. Nos. 8509 and 8508, U. S. N. M. Shoshones. Collected by Mr, Waters.

Plate LIV