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Plate LVI
Northwestern Eskimo Rankling Arrows

FIG. 1. SHAFT, of spruce wood, cylindrical. Shaftment, flat. Feathers, two, seized with sinew. The nock is flat; the notch, U-shaped. The head is a triangular piece of ivory driven into the end of the shaft, and is seized with sinew. The point is formed by shaving off the sides of the pyramid. Total length, 25 inches.

Cat. No. 89004, U. S. N. M. Eskimo of Point Barrow, Alaska. Collected by Lieut. Ray, U.S. Army.

FIGS. 2, 3, 4. SHAFT, of spruce, the head is a piece of bone sharpened at the point, and on the sides are cut barbs, which vary in number among different examples. The head is set very loosely into a socket in the end of the shaft by means of a tapering dowel, the object being to leave the head to rankle in the deer or other animal killed. There is a great variety of these rankling arrows in the collection of the National Museum. Length of shaft, 2 feet 11 inches; foreshaft, 8 inches.

Cat. No. 2674, U. S. N. M. Eskimo of Fort Anderson River. Collected by G. R. McFarlane.

FIG. 5. SHAFT, cylindrical. Shaftment, flattened transversely to the plane of the arrowhead. Feathers, three, laid on flat and seized with twisted sinew. Notch, angular. The head of this arrow consists of two parts-the barb piece and the point. The barb piece is of bone or antler pointed and inserted into the end of the shaft and seized with sinew. Barbs, two, standing out from one side. The arrowhead, of chert, neatly chipped, hastate-shaped, inserted into a slit in the end of the barb piece and seized with sinew, which is laid on in a groove. These points are very easily drawn out. Other specimens from this same quiver vary in size of the barb piece and the length and serrations of the chipped blade. Total length of shaft, 30 inches.

Cat. No. 72785, U. S N. M. Eskimo of Point Barrow. Collected by Capt. Ray, U. S. Army.

FIG. 6. SHAFT, of spruce. Feathers, two, loosely laid on and fastened with sinew. Head, one blade of a pair of scissors driven into the shaft and seized with rawhide. Length of shaft, 25 inches; foreshaft, 5 inches.

Cat. No. 72757, U. S. N. M. Eskimo of Point Barrow. Collected by P. H. Ray, U. S. Army.

Plate LVI