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Plate LXII
Plain Bows, Sinew-lined, and Compound Bows, the Last Named Also Sinew-Lined

FIG. 1. Bow of hard wood, ovoid in section, single curve; string of sinew cord. Length, 4 feet 1 inch.

Cat. No. 130616, U. S. N. M. Crow Indians, Montana. Collected by Maj. C S. Ben-dire, U. S. Army.

FIG. 2. Bow, made of hickory, with a double curve-the lower curve larger than the other. The back neatly lined with sinew, and the ends wrapped for two or three inches with shredded sinew. Grip bound with buckskin string. Bowstring, three-ply sinew cord, back painted white. Length, 3 feet 5 inches.

Cat. No. 8418, U. S. N. M. Gros Ventres. Dakota. Collected by Dr. Washington Mathews, U. S. Army.

FIG. 3. COMPOUND BOW, made of two sections of cow's horn, spliced together in the middle and held by three rivets. Lined on the back with sinew, which covers also the nocks. Curved in shape of Cupid's bow, bound at the grip and the curve of the limbs with bands of red flannel, which is held in place by seizings of buckskin string wrapped here and there with broad quill, dyed yellow. The horns are also wrapped with shredded sinew. Bow string, a three-ply sinew cord End of the bow ornamented with tufts of horsehair and fur. Length, 3 feet.

Cat. No. 154015, U. S. N. M. Sioux Indians, Montana. Collected by Gen. Hazen, U. S. Army.

Special attention is called to the union of the compound and sinew lined bow in one specimen.

FIG. 4. Similar to No. 3, but was collected long ago from the Gros Ventres, Upper Missouri, by Dr. Washington Mathews, who spent a number of years among these people. Contact with the Great Interior Basin is shown by the union of the compound bow and the Shoshonean type of sinew-lined bow. Length, 36 inches.

Plate LXII