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Sinew-lined Bows, Broad Type. One Bow Plain

FIG. 1. Bow, made of yew. This is a bow with a single curve on the back, doable curve on the inside, broad and flat. Constricted at the grip and narrowing toward the nocks. Along the inside is a little furrow. The grip is ornamented with a tuft of long hair seized in place by a band of birch bark. This bow is exactly of the form of the sinew-lined bows farther south and inland. Perhaps the cold and dampness of the coast regions are. unfavorable, affecting the glue. The bowstring is a single ribbon of sinew twist. Length, 3 feet 10 inches.

Cat. No. 72656, U. S. N. M. Makah Indiana, Cape Flattery. Collected by J. G. Swan.

FIG. 2. Bow, made of yew and lined along the back with sinew, shredded and mixed with glue, which is wrapped around the horns of the bow and molded to form the nocks. Single curve, excepting at the ends where the limbs turn gracefully backward. The grip and horns are wrapped with buckskin string. Bowstring, sinew cord, three-ply. Length, 3 feet 5 inches.

Cat. No. 2058, U. S. N. M. Tejon Indians. California. Collected by John Xanthus.

FIG. 3. Bow, made of yew wood. Broad and thin at the grip, tapering in width and thickness toward the nocks, which are turned outward. The back of the bow is lined with shredded sinew, laid on closely like the bark on a tree, and painted green and decorated with tufts of otter skin and strips of dressed hide, seized with sinew. The grip is covered with a seizing of buckskin string. The horns of the bow turn outward. The bowstring is made of twisted sinew. Length, 3 feet 10 inches.

Cat. No. 19322, U. S. N. M. McCloud River Indians, Copehan stock, California. Collected by Livingston Stone.

FIG. 4. SINEW-LINED BOW, made of yew. Broad and flat, lined on the back with sinew laid on in glue and ornamented with figures painted green. Narrowed somewhat at the grip and bound with buckskin string. Around the horns buckskin is glued and bands of sinew wrapped and the nocks ornamented with tufts of fur. Bowstring is a loose twine of sinew cord. Length, 3 feet 8 inches.

Cat. No. 131110, U.S. N. M. Pitt River Indians, Northern California. Collected by N. J. Purcell.