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Plate LXVI
Sinew Backed Bows of Eskimo, Southern Type

FIG. 2a. One end of fig. 2 in the last plate, showing the form of the nock, the character of the braid of sinew, the method in which the cable is built up, the half hitches made about the bow, and the coil laid about the cable.

Cat. No. 36032, U. S. N. M. Eskimo of Cape Romanzoff. Collected by E. W. Nelson. (After Murdoch.)

FIG. 3. Straight bow, with Murdoch's southern type of backing. The peculiarity of this bow is shown in fig. 3a. After nearly all the filaments in the cable have been passed from nock to nock, the bowyer, stopped with his braid at a certain point, made two half hitches, and then added a strand to the cable by going to an equidistant point on the other side of the grip. This was repeated three times on this bow and the braid fastened off in the middle. The mark at the side of the bow denotes inches.

Cat. No. 72408, U. S. N. M. Bristol Bay. Collected by C. L. McKay.

Plate LXVI