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Plate LXXI
Sinew Backed Bows of Eskimo

The first two figures upon this plate, 16 and 17, illustrate a bow in which the southern type of wood has administered upon it the backing of the Arctic type. The method of administering the short strands by means of half hitches to prevent the splitting of the wood is exhibited in the second drawing, figure 17.

The last two figures upon this plate belong to what Murdoch calls the Western type. Perhaps it might be called the Chukchi type. The most noticeable feature is that the backing does not pass around the nocks at the ends of the bow, but the whole cable is held upon the back by means of a series of half hitches. The wood of the bow is either straight or of Tatar shape.

These examples are Cat. Nos. 8822, from Yukon Delta, figures 16 and 17, collected by W. H. Dall, and 2505 from Siberia, figure 18, collected by the North Pacific Exploring Expedition, U. S. N. M.

Plate LXXI