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Sinew Backed Bows of Eskimo, Western Type

The peculiarities of the bow shown in the last plate and illustrated further on this plate are-

The extensions of their cables, one reaching nearly the whole length of the bow and attached close to the nocks, a second one further down upon the limbs, and a third one from the middle of the limbs. Between these two last-named points all the three cables are united into one passing across the grip.

This figure shows a portion of the first cable (the longest cable), the passing in strands of the second and third cables, and the union of all three into one. The second figure upon this plate (fig. 21) is a straight bow upon which the backing has upward of seventy strands twisted into three cables of Arctic type. In this example also, the longest cable passes around the nocks.

Section of Cat. No. 2505, U. S. N. M., and 2508, Eastern Siberia, collected by North Pacific Exploring Expedition.