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Sinew Backed Bows of Eskimo

The principal figure upon this plate shows the administration of the braided line just at the point where the third cable coming from the nock crosses the bend in the bow. It is at this point that the greatest strain occurs and there is more pressing need for additional protection. Of this bow Murdoch says that "it approaches very close to the Arctic type, but shows traces of the Western model in having the ends of the long strands stretched across the bend and one single short strand returning to the tip from beyond the bond, while a fourth is precisely of the Arctic type, with a very large number of strands." The ivory levers shown upon the plate have been described, and are used in Cat. Nos. 2506 and 89466, U. S. N. M.

Figures 25 and 26 illustrate a peculiar "clove hitch" and "soldier's hitch" employed in this example.

Point Barrow. Collected by U. S. International Polar Expedition.