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Apache Arrow Case and Arrow

FIG. 1. QUIVER, deerskin. Bow case, none. Arrow case, bag with a stiffener of wood attached by means of strings along the seam. About the middle of the quiver is a band of smoked deerskin leather, with a fringe characteristic of the tribe, in which the scallop before mentioned appears. The bandolier is a strip of cotton cloth and blue flannel. Length of quiver, 34 inches.

Cat. No. 17331, U. S. N. M. Apache Indians, Athapascan stock, Arizona. Collected by Dr. H. C. Yarrow, U. S. Army.

NOTE.-The arrows accompanying this quiver, of. which an example is given, are of the characteristic Apache type, shaft of reed, foreshaft of hardwood, points of iron. The extra length of the quiver is due to the fact that the reed arrows are longer than those with shafts of hard wood.