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Kiowa Quiver Containing Bows and Arrows in their Cases, Fire Bag, and Awl Case

FIG. 1. QUIVER, harness leather. The how case is a long slender hag just fitting the bow; the arrow case is a broad bag-both fringed at the bottom by cut ting pieces of leather into strings. The two pieces are attached at the margins with buckskin strings. Bandolier is a broad strip of rawhide. The bottoms and upper margins of the how case and quiver, the awl case, the end of the bandolier, and the bottom of the tool hag are decorated with leather cut in fringes. Length of the how case, 44 inches; arrow case, 20 inches.

Cat. No. 152895, U. S. N. M. Kiowa Indians, Kiowan stock. Collected by James Mooney.

FIG. 2. Bow, made of Osage orange. It is rounded on the hack and inside, and square on the sides. Largest at the grip and tapering along the limbs toward the ends. The notches for the bowstring are cut in on alternate sides near the end. The bowstring is made of 4-ply sinew cord. Double curve. Length: 4 feet 4 inches.

Cat No. 152895, U. S. N. M. Kiowa Indians, Kiowan stock, Indian Territory. Collected by Jas. Mooney.

This is a complete archery outfit. The how case, arrow case, tool hag, and awl case are separate. The bow is made of Osage orange. The bowstring is of 4-ply twine or sinew cord; the arrows are of the original Plains type. Shaft of hard wood, worked down with straight shaft streaks.