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Dakota Quiver, Self Bow and Arrow, With Shaft Grooves

FIG. 1. Bow, hickory, rectangular in section, double curve, tapering toward the ends. Two notches at one end, and one at the other for receiving the string, which is a 2-ply twine of sinew. Length: 3 feet 7 inches.

Cat. No.. 131356, U. S. N. M. Sioux Indians, Siouan stock, Dakota. Collected by Mrs. A.C. Jackson.

FIG. 2. QUIVER, made of dressed buffalo hide. Bow case and arrow case separate. The former, a long narrow bag; the latter, a short sack, slightly tapering toward the bottom. Both are ornamented with rings of bird quill whipped on closely; the upper borders and the ends ornamented with finely-cut fringe. The bow case and outside sacks, top and bottom, decorated with patterns in beadwork. Length: bow case, 38 inches; arrow case, 24 inches.

Cat. No. 131356, U. S. N. M. Sioux Indians, Siouan stock, Upper Missouri. Collected by Mrs. A. C. Jackson.

The noticeable points on the arrow are the sinuous shaft streaks, the dainty feathering projecting behind the nock and the flaring nock, which gives a perfect grip for the thumb and forefinger in the shooting by primary or secondary release.