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Shoshonkan Quiver, Plain Arrow with Shaft Grooves, and Sinew-Lined Bow of California Type

FIG. 1. QUIVER, black bear skin, with hair left on; bow case and arrow case separate. The ornaments are tassels of ermine skin hanging from the ends of the bandolier, and long flaps of bearskin, lined on the outside with green cloth and decorated with beadwork, ribbon, and gull feathers. The pat terns on the green cloth are copied from those of the whites. Length of bow case, 41 inches; arrow case, 27 inches.

Cat. No. 9044, U. S. N. M. Snake Indians, Shoahonean stock, Idaho. Collected by Dr. S. Wagner.

FIG. 2. Bow, said to be Snake Indian bow from Idaho, but it belongs to the broad variety of sinew-lined bows of California. If used by the Snake Indians it has been introduced as a matter of trade. The nocks are simply taper ing at the ends and no provisions for the bowstring, which is simply caught over the tapering ends. Same as 19322. Length: 3 feet 4 inches.

Cat. No. 9044, U. S. N. M. Snake Indians, Shoshonean stock, Idaho. Collected by Dr. C. Wagner, U. S. Army.