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Nez Perce Quiver and Bow

FIG. 1. QUIVER, of beaver skin; bow case and arrow case made separately of beaver skin with the hair side out. Ornamented at the bottom with tassels of strips of skin, bird feathers and little bells, and with bands of beadwork, and at the top with rings of beadwork and long flaps of beaver skin, lined with red flannel and decorated with beadwork. Bandolier missing. Length of bow case, 33 inches; arrow-case, 27 inches.

Cat. No. 23843, U. S. N. M. Nez Perce Indians, Shahaptian stock, Idaho. Collected by J. B. Monteith.

NOTE.-Tribes of the Shahaptian stock displayed a great deal of taste in all of their work, and some of the quivers from that region which are accredited to the Shoshonean and Salishan tribes have undoubtedly been made under the influence of these Indians.