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Plate XC
Nez PercÚ or Shahaptian Quiver, Bow, and Arrow with Sixuous Shaft Groove

Fig. I. Quiver, otter skin: bow case and arrow case separate. Each of these is a narrow bag with the fur side of the bag outward. The bottom of the bow case has a broad band of buckskin with red flannel borders. The surface of the buckskin is covered with red, blue, green, and white beads in beautiful patterns. The bandolier is also of otter skin with a broad border of red flannel. On either side of the bandolier and from the lower end of the bow case and arrow case, are long fringes made of strips of otter skin. The fringe of the bandolier is also adorned with a band of beadwork similar to that on the bow case. The upper border of the bow case and the arrow case are also decorated with beadwork, and long flaps of rawhide entirely covered with beaded patterns. This is a very beautiful object. Length of bow case, 20 inches: arrow case, 30 inches. Length of bandolier, 8 feet.

Cat. So. 29??6. U. S. N. M. Rocky Mountain Indians, tritbe unknown. Collected by Dr. Fred. Kober.

NOTE.-A great many of the most beautiful objects in the National Museum were gathered by Army officers, who did not always know the exact tribe from which specimens were obtained. Quivers of this type are made by the Algonquian Siouan, Shoshonean, Salishan, and Shahaptian tribes of Montana.

Plate XC