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Plate XCI
McCloud River (Cal.) Quiver, Sinew-Lined Bow, and Foreshafted Arrow

FIG. 1. QUIVER, made of a whole deerskin with hair side inward. The skin of the legs has been left on and serve as pendants. The mouth is sewed up with buckskin strings and the ears protrude from the outside. There is no distinction between the bow case and arrow case. The whole forms a hide sack in which the bows and arrows are kept together. The bandolier is a mere strip of buckskin attached to the upper border and the middle of the quiver. Length: 40 inches.

Cat. No. 19322, U. S. N. M. McCloud River Indians, Copehan stock, Central California. Collected by Livingston Stone.

From this point southward the compound quiver disappears.

Plate XCI