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Cumberland Gulf Eskimo Quiver, Sinew-Backed Bow, and Two-Flat-Feathered Arrow

FIG. 1. QUIVER, made of seal skin deprived of hair. The bow case and arrow case are separate. Owing to exigencies of the sinew-backed bow the bow case is very large, while the arrow case is very short. To the stiffener on the back, by means of two thongs of rawhide, is attached a wire handle, probably taken from an old pail. The bow case has a hood for inclosing the bow. Length: bow case, 37 inches; arrow case, 25 inches.

Cat. No. 30015, U. S. N. M. Eskimo, Cumberland Gulf. Collected by W. A. Mintzer.

It will be remembered that Mr. Murdoch calls attention to the greater simplicity of the eastern Eskimo bows. Notice also the purely typical Eskimo flat feathers, one on each side of the flat nock, made for the Mediterranean release.