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Plate XL
The Parts of an Arrow

The dissected arrow is shown in such fashion that the parts of a highly complex example may be understood. A COMPLETE ARROW. Foreshafted type, found among the tribes of Oregon and northern California. The ideas made specially prominent are:

FIG. 1. The method of inserting the foreshaft into the end of the shaft.

FIG. 2. The attachment of the head to the barb piece by diagonal lashing of sinew and the union of the stone head with the barb piece of bone attached to the foreshaft.

FIG. 3. The laying on of the feathering in one example having what is called the "rifling" of the arrow.

FIG. 4. The foreshaft before the head is attached, showing especially the neat man ner of its union with the shaft.

FIG. 5. The painted bands or ribands of the shaftment, called by a variety of names.

FIG. 6. The relation of the nock to the pithy wood of the shaft.

Plate XL