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Plate XLIV
Arrows from Various Tribes of the Great Interior Basin

FIG. 1. SHAFT, of rhus. Shaftment painted with red and brown paint. Feathers, three, laid on close to the shaftment and neatly seized with sinew. The nock is cylindrical and the notch U-shaped. Head, of chalcedony, inserted into a shallow notch at the end of the shaftment, seized with sinew, and afterward cemented with mesquite gum. This is a beautifully made specimen. Total length of shaft, 27 inches.

Cat. No. 14699, U. S. N. M. Piute Indians. Collected by Major J. W. Powell.

FIG. 2. SHAFT, of hard wood, trimmed down. Head, of hoop iron, fastened on with lashing of thread. Feathers, three, seized with sinew, glued down and trimmed along the margins. Nock, swallow-tailed, and the feathering extends beyond the nock. Length, shaft, 2 feet 3 inches.

Cat. No. 131238, U. S. N. M. Shoshonean. Collected by G. Brown Goode.

FIG. 3. Gambling arrow of the Apache Indians. Shaft, painted blue; three tolerably straight blood streaks. Feathers, three, seized with sinew. Nock in form of swallow's tail. Notch, acute angular. The point of wood is a continuation of the shaft, triangular in cross-section. The ornamentation on the point consists of lozenge-shaped cavities and furrows filled with red and blue paint. In a series of these arrows no two are ornamented exactly alike. Used in divination and gambling. Mr. Frank H. Gushing connects the divination by throwing a bunch of these arrows with the position of the arrows in the Assyrian cuneiform inscriptions.

Cat. No. 73268, U. S. N. M. Apache Indiana. Collected by G. H. Leigh.

FIG. 4. A rude unfinished arrow with shaft unstraightened. Three feathers loosely attached to the shaft with sinew, the whole showing the degeneration of the art of arrow-making in ceremonial usages.

Cat. No. 1496, U. S. N. M.

FIG. 5. SHAFT, of rhus. Feathers, three, seized with sinew. Nock, cylindrical; notch, angular. There is no head. Length, 23 1/2 inches.

Cat. No. 22287, U. S. N. M. Bannock Indians, Idaho. Collected by W. H. Danilson.

FIG. 6. SHAFT, of osier. Blood streaks, slightly wavy. Feathers, three, seized with sinew. It is difficult to say whether they were formerly glued to the shaftment or not. Shaftment, cylindrical. Notch, angular. Head of iron inserted into the end of the shaft and seized with sinew. In other speci-mens from the same tribe stone heads are found fastened on with a diagonal lashing of sinew. Total length, 26 inches.

Cat. No. 9048, U. S. N. M. Snake Indians, Idaho, Collected by Dr. C. Moffat.

Plate XLIV