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Plate XLV
Arrows of Caddoan Tribes, Texas and Northwards

FIG. 1. A simple rod or twig from which the arrow shaft is made. It was collected from one of the Indian tribes in the buffalo-hunting regions, and might have been the groundwork of any of the arrows upon this and the pre ceding plate.

FIG. 2. THE SHAFT of this arrow is a twig of osier; the shaft streaks two, straight. The shaftment is banded with blue, green, red, and yellow. Feathers three, laid on flat and seized with sinew at the ends. The edges are shorn, so as to give the arrows a neat appearance. The nock is spreading; notch, angular. Head, leaf-shaped, of hoop iron, inserted into a deep notch at the end of the shaft and seized with sinew. Total length of shaft, 27 1/2 inches.

Cat. No. 8461, U. S. N. M. Tonkawa Indians, Texas. Collected by Dr. McElderry, U. S. Army.

FIG. 3. SHAFT, a slender rod of hard wood. Feathers, three, held in place by seizing with sinew and trimmed straight on the edge. Nock expanding and blood streaks straight and zigzag. Length, 2 feet 1 inch.

Cat. No. 6965, U. S. N. M. Wichita Indians, Caddoan stock. Collected by E. Palmer.

FIG. 4. SHAFT, of hard wood; head let into the end of the shaft and seized with sinew. Feathers, three, long, and glued down and seized smoothly at the ends with sinew. Nock, fish-tail. Shaft streaks, three in number, deep and sinuous. Length of shaft, 2 feet 1 inch.

Cat. No. 130795, U. S. N. M. Pawnee Indians, Caddoan stock, Nebraska. Collected by E. F. Bernard.

FIG. 5. SHAFT, a delicate twig, with blood streaks consisting of wavy furrows. Feathers, three, seized down with sinew and glued to the shaftment. Edges trimmed so as to form parallel lines. The front of the shaftment is ornamented with broad green bands. The shaftment is trimmed away at its extremity so as to leave the nock a cylindrical bulb. The notch is U-shaped. The head is a blade of iron inserted into a "saw cut" at the end of the shaft. The tang is serrated along the barb, securing the more effectual fastening of the head. Total length of shaft, 25 inches.

Cat. No. 129873, U. S. N. M. Pawnee Indians. Collected by H. M. Creel.

Plate XLV