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Plate IV
Plate 4


Figure 1 Greenish variegated jade. Peabody Museum, Salem.
Figure 2 Deer horn. Peabody Museum, Salem.
Figure 3 and 4 Deer horn. From a group of five deer horn rings. GEO. C. STONE Coll. I have selected the largest and smallest to figure.
Figure 5 Ivory, with double character for "joy" in slight relief, GEO. C. STONE Coll.
Figure 6 Dark brown substance, "neither wood, metal or stone." Bamboo design, slightly etched, silver lined. GEO. C. STONE Coll.
Figure 7 Weathered jade, resembling jade from old tombs. GEO. C. STONE Coll.
Figure 8 Steatite. Peabody Museum, Salem.
Figure 9 Stone, characters in ancient form in slight relief. They read "Speak with sincerity." It is from the Analects of Confucius, Book I, Chap. 7. Peabody Museum, Salem.
Figure 10 Marble. Peabody Museum, Salem.