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Notes Chapter 7
80. Cum veniffet ad urbem Ambigeri regis, oppidam victum ferro audientes, fagittas veneno armant, atque ita gemino mortis vulnere hoftem a muris fummoven-tes, plurimos interficiunt.
Juftin, Lib. 12, Chap. o.
81. Limaeum herba appellator à Gallis, qua fagittas in venatue tingunt medicamento, quod venenum cervarium vocant.
Pli. B. 27, Chap. 11, pg, 433. Vol. II.
82. A fimilar ftory is told of a tree, in the ifland of Java, called the Upas, and of another in Makaffar, which Gumilla mentions.
See Vol. III. pg .16. Hift. de l'Oronoque.
83. See Viaggi da Ramufio, Vol, XII. pg. 155—E.—Fol.
84. It muft be obferved, that the ufe of poifoned Arrows is principally confined to the chafe, and is introduced upon emergencies only in battle, among the Americans.—See Condamine, Voyage, pg. 206, and Bancroft's Hiftory of Guiana, pg. 306.—There is, however, an inftance of the Americans having ufed thefe Arrows with great fuccefs, related in the " Viaggi da Ramufio," Vol. III. pg. 24—A. Vafco Numez, with 300 men, attacked a party of Indians, who immediately turned about, difcharged a flight of poifoned Arrows on them, and at the firft fhot killed 107 of the 300 who. had invaded their country.
85. See Voyages de Tavernier, Vol. II.
86. Mr. De la Condamine informs us of a few expe¬riments he tried on poifoned Arrows, during his re¬sidence at Cayenne, which he has inferted in the narrattve of his voyage to the Amazon river. pg. 203.

In the preparation of this poifon, it is faid, the care of the boiling is entrufted to a criminal; and at the time the perfon becomes fuffocated by the fumes, it is concluded to be fufficiently boiled.—(See Bancroft, pg. 290.—Alfo Gumilla, Vol. III. pg. 12.)

But the Experiments of the Abbé Fontana on this kind of poifon, prove the vapour to be innocent to the lungs. This author concludes the relation of his experiments in thefe words:—" Da tutte quefte fperienze deduco che i vapori de' fumi del veleno Americano, fono innocenti, o che fi fiutino, o che fi refperino."

Trattato del Veleno, Vol. III. pg. 28.

88. The fumes of a charcoal fire would have this effect, independent of any other caufe.
89. Bancroft fays, in his Hiftory of Guiana, that in trying experiments with poifon, he had a drop acci¬dentally thrown into his eye, but by wafhing he pre¬vented any very bad effects, though he felt pain for fome time, afterwards. Pg. 293.
90. A line is 1-twelfth of an inch.
91. Gumilla relates, that the nations on the banks of the Oroonoko, eat the Monkies they kill by poifoned Arrows.
See Vol. III. pg. 7. Hift. de I'Oronoque.
92. It is reported, that wounds made by Arrows. tinged with fome kinds of poifon, ufed by the inhabi¬tants of Brafil, which are not inftantly mortal, prove extremely tormenting; and the effects are to violent, that thofe who are wounded appear to be almoft dri¬ven to diftraction with the pain.—'' Quefti tirano le dor frezze com una herba cofi peftifera & velenofa, che non vi ha remedio alcuno: et quelli che ne ven-gono feriti, muoiono arrabiati, & fanno molti motivi & fi mordono le loro proprie mani & carni, &c."
Ramufio Vol. III. pg. 83.
93. See Phil. Tranf. Vol. 47.
94. Cum inter multos vulneratus etiam Ptolemaeus effet, moriturufque jamjam videretur, per quietem regi monftrata in remedia veneni herba eft, qua in potu acceptas ftatim periculo liberatus eft, majorque pars exercitus hoc remedio fervata.
Juft.. Lib. 12. Ch. 10.
95. See Condamine, Voyages, and Bancroft's Hift. of Guiana, pg. 297.
96. Les premiers Efpagnols qui voulurent foumettre Us Caraibes, ayant fouvent reffenti les effets de ces traits, eurent recours a une infinite de contre-poifons, & s'imaginerent enfin d'en avoir trouvé un, dans les feuilles du tabac. Cette decouverte fut annoncée en Efpagne avec tant d'eclat que Philippe II. fit faire des experiences en fa préfence fur des, chiens, dont on frotta les plaies avec du tabac broyé, mais 1'illufion ne dura pas, & on s'apperçut bientot que ce pretendu fpecifique n'etoir pas infaillible.
Rech. fur les Amer.
97. See Trattato del Veleno. Fontana. pg. 45—49, Vol. 3.
98. greek text
Arift. de mirab. aufcult.
99. Dictamnum herbam extrahendis fagittis cervi monftravere, percuffi eo telo, paftuque ejus herbae ejecto.
Pliny, Lib. 8, Ch. 27.
100. Capras autem in Creta feras, cum effent confixae venenatis fagitis, herbam quaerere quae Dictamnus vocaretur; quam cum guftaviffent, fagittas excidere dicunt e corpore.
Cicero, Nat. Deorum, Lib. 2.
101. AEneid 12. V. 412, et feg.
102. AElian var. hift. Lib. 1, Ch. 10.