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Plate 2
Bows used in the tests

Fig. 1.—Philippine bow made of bamboo, pulls 26 pounds, and shoots 100 yards. University of California Museum of Anthropology, number 10-587.

Fig. 2.—Mohave bow, pulls 40 pounds and shoots 110 yards. 1-13816.

Fig. 3.—Paraguay bow, made of ironwood, pulls 60 pounds and shoots 170 yards. This specimen was worked over by me into a bow of more scientific proportions, when it then drew a 28-inch arrow, pulled 85 pounds, and shot a flight arrow 276 yards. 16-619.

Fig. 4.—Modern copy of old English longbow, made of Oregon yew, pulls 75 pounds, shoots 250 yards. Property of S. T. Pope.

Fig. 5.—Yukon bow of birch, pulls or weighs 60 pounds, shoots 125 yards. 2-2810.

Fig. 6.—Luiseño bow, pulls 48 pounds, shoots 120 yards. 1-9213.