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Plate 3
Bows used in the tests

Fig. 7.—Navaho bow, of mesquite wood backed with sinew, pulls 45 pounds and shoots 150 yards. Museum number 2-5702.

Fig. 8.—Yurok bow, made of yew wood, sinew backed. A typical North­ern California specimen. It draws 30 pounds and shoots 140 yards. 1-1055.

Fig. 9.—A powerful Alaskan bow, probably Eskimo, made of fir, backed with bone and open sinew lashing. A weapon suitable for killing big game. It pulls 80 pounds and shoots 180 yards. 2-6372.

Fig. 10.—A Yaqui bow of Osage orange, a rough, strong weapon built for active service. It pulls 70 pounds and casts a flight arrow 210 yards. 3-1875.

Fig. 11.—Ishi's bow. A Yahi specimen, made of yew, backed with raw­hide, pulls 48 pounds and shoots 205 yards. Property of S. T. Pope.

Fig. 12.—A buffalo bow, Blackfoot. When drawn 25 inches, the limit of the arrows that accompany it, the weight is 45 pounds and the cast 145 yards. 2-5494.