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Plate 4
Bows and arrows from the Jessop collection

Fig. 13.—Apache bow, hickory, backed with sinew. It pulls 28 pounds and shoots 120 yards.

Fig. 14.—Cheyenne, a rough, sinewy-backed buffalo bow, weighs 65 pounds and casts 156 yards.

Fig. 15.—Hupa, a typical California bow made of yew wood, backed with sinew, painted red and blue, pulls 40 pounds and shoots 148 yards.

Fig. 16.—Osage bow, an unusual type made of bois d'arc. It pulls 40 pounds and shoots 92 yards.

Fig. 17.—Cree bow, a flat lath of ash which broke while being tested. When drawn 20 inches, it registered 38 pounds and fractured. It would not have cast the flight arrow more than 150 yards.

Fig. 18.—Blackfoot, a hickory buffalo bow, backed with sinew; a sprightly little weapon pulling 40 pounds and shooting 153 yards.

The arrows in the plate, from left to right, are as follows: Apache, Cheyenne, Osage, Hupa, Cree, Sioux, Tomawata, Blackfoot.