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Plate 5
American Museum of Natural History bows

Fig. 19.—Congo, a well-made little bow, but too brittle and cracked to be tested. Specimen number 90-1-3038.

Fig. 20.—African bow, made of so-called ironwood; draws 54 pounds and casts 107 yards. 90-0-280.

Fig. 21.—Andaman Island bow. When drawn 20 inches it pulls 45 pounds and shoots 142 yards. It did not seem advisable to draw it farther. 70-0-1129.

Fig. 22.—South American bow of palma brava, When drawn 28 inches it pulls 50 pounds and shoots 98 yards. 40-9800.

Fig. 23.—Solomon Islands, a well-made bow of palma brava,. When drawn 26 inches it weighs 56 pounds and shoots 148 yards. T. 2669.

Fig. 24.—New Guinea, a well-made bow of palma brava, too brittle to be tested. 80-0-3936.

Fig. 25.—Philippine, probably Mindanao, in no condition to be shot; probably does not weigh over 30 pounds nor shoot over 100 yards. Not numbered.

Fig. 26.—Africa, practically the same as fig. 19, and too fragile to be tested. 90-1-182.