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Plate 6
Tartar bows

Fig. 1.—Tartar bow, number 27, showing the reflexed shape of the com­posite bow when unstrung, also the long target arrow.

Fig. 2.—The same bow being braced This weapon, drawn 29 inches, weighs 30 pounds and shoots 100 yards.

Fig. 3.—Tartar bow, number 28. This is the heavy bow, the string of which is like a rawhide lariat. It is a formidable looking weapon.

Fig. 4.—Same Tartar bow being held in position, but no man is able to draw it more than 12 inches. When drawn 30 inches it weighs 98 pounds, and when shot by drawing with both hands and both feet it shoots the flight arrow 90 yards. After change to a lighter bow string it cast the same arrow 175 yards.