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1. Emphasize this
2. From the Greek α = without and Μάξοςs = breast. See Encyclopedia Britannica under "Amazons."
3. Compound tincture of Benzoin is helpful for blistered loosing fingers. Don't use adhesive tape for that makes the injury worse.
4. Note: Mr. Rounsevelle would like to hear from any archer who succeeds in putting thirty-six consecutive arrows in the gold under the above conditions.
5. Team round is 96 arrows, 60 yards for men, or 50 yards for ladies, and 40 yards for juniors.
6. For colleges and high schools, 100 yards is better, as the lighter bows do not carry 120 yards.
7. This is the curtain used by the author in his classes.
8. See "Hunting with the Bow and Arrow" on Dr. Pope's attempt to reproduce this feat.