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Tracts on Archery;


I.—The History and Military Career of the English Long Bow, including Sir John Smith's Discourse on Weapons.

II.—An Account of the Revival of Archery, as an Amusement in England; in which the Value and peculiar Qualities of Archery, as an exercise, capable of restoring Health, and adding Strength to the Body is considered.

III.—An Inquiry and Investigation into all the Ancient Feats (of Archery achieved with the Long Bow, with an Ac­count of Robin Hood, from an Authentic Record,) and a comparison of those with the Feats of Modern Archers.

IV.—The Art and Practice of Archery, with a Comment upon the Toxophilus of Ascham, and a Glossary of the Terms used in Archery, with many Notes and Historical Illustrations.

To which is added,

The Second Part of the Bowman's Glory,

(A very scarce Tract,)


Sold by Mr. WARING, at his Archery Ware-Room,

Caroline Street, Bedford Square.

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