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1. Such as hawling stones, wood, and iron; some in hand-ball, foot-ball, bandy-ball, and cock-fighting.

2. Sir William Wood.

3. See List of Societies.

4. The description of the cock feather, is given in here.

5. When the Bow was used as a weapon of war, the English yew was mostly so bad, even at a period when it was culti­vated for the purpose, that every merchant trading abroad was compelled by act of parliament, to import a stipulated number of staves. Robert's English Bowman, page 131.

6. The Members should be limited according to circum­stances, such as the situation and conveniences where they assemble; if they reside many miles apart, more might be ad­mitted, than when they live concentrated and could easily assemble together.

7. The Patron and Patroness should be the most distinguished Persons in the County.

8. The Uniform of the Toxophilite Society, is a Green Coat, single breasted, with an Arrow engraved on the button, Buff Kerseymere Waistcoat and Small Clothes, Hessian Boots, Hat turned up on the right side, with a black Feather, with Belt and other Accoutrements.

9. The grand days are generally allotted for shooting at Tar­gets only.

10. A Gentleman, once a Member of the Kentish Bowmen, told the Author, that it seldom cost him less than ten Guineas on their grand Days, the consequence was-, that from such extravagances, the society was soon annihilated.

11.. As an instance, when circular letters were sent round to every member of a society near London some years since, de­manding an extra sum to meet the debts contracted by a few; many declared they did not think themselves amenable for the conduct of others, if they were, they laid themselves open to fresh demands continually, to prevent which, they would with­draw themselves from the society, and accordingly about twenty withdrew at one time.

12. An article in the Royal British Bowmen, compels every member in rotation to provide a Dinner, a limitation is made as to the number of Dishes, and a display of any thing Hot, is punishable by a fine of Five Guineas.

13. The Toxophilite Society gave an invitation to all Societies to shoot with them at their meetings, and which was given by every society to them in return, so that at one time there was a general communication among Archers all over England.