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Copyright matters

This site only contains texts of which copyright has expired. The server is based in The Netherlands. As such, governing law is the law of the European Union. Additionaly, Dutch law (Auteurswet 1912) is applicable.

These laws specify that 70 years after an author's death, his or her work becomes public domain. Additionaly, there is a specification of the "shorter term" which states that if copyright has expired in another country, this copyright is not extended. In this context, works published in the U.S.A before 1923 are in the public domain , as U.S. law states that copyright expired on any work published before 1923.

Using texts from this site not allowed without prior permission

The books and articles included in this site are in the public domain but the texts and files on this site aren't. Although the words in the publications are not copyrighted or constitute new work, the files on this site do. They are a result of much work: acquiring the books, scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), spell checking and HTML-edtiting. That is why it is not permitted to use the texts from this site for any purpose without prior written permission from the maintainer.