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Misses' archery costume
From: The Delineator, pp. 124-125.
September 1880
E. Butterick & Co., London, New York.

This article is reproduced with kind permission of Eva Schiffer from Digital Changeling.

Although particularly pretty for lawn sports, the costume illustrated in also stylish for general purposes, and can be made up in a great variety of materials from prints to silks. In this instance it is made of robin's-egg blue bunting and trimmed with a harmonionizing shade of dark-blue satin. The skirt is four-gored, and is lined with soft-finished cambric. The lower edge is faced up on the outside with a bias band of satin, above which are three rows of machine-stitching. This decoration corresponds with that on the over-dress and makes the costume very pretty; but if a plain skirt or a plaited trimming be desired, the finish illustrated may be omitted in favor of the one preferred.

The over-dress is in polonaise form, and closes to a little below the waist with button-holes and buttons. At the termination of the closing is a cluster of plaits, whose folds are carried across the side to the back edge of the side-back, and below them the front edges turn back in satin-faced revers. The seam joining the side-back and front is left open for a short distance at the bottom, and the side-draperies lap under the irregular back-drapery, where they are sewed together in an ordinary seam. All the edges of the drapery are bordered with a satin band and two rows of machine-stitching, and a full bow of satin ribbon is fastened over the lower termination of each side-back seam, and another may be placed over the upper ends of the revers. The sleeve is in coat shape, and is finished at the wrist to correspond with the bottom of the skirt and the edges of the cape. The latter is composed of two portions, and is confined at the neck with a military collar. Flannel, cashmere, gingham or any fabric used for suits is popular for this model, and decorations to suit the taste may be added. Upon page-129 two views of the costume may be seen, where it is developed in a combination of materials. It is No. 7178, price 1s. or 25 cents, and is in eight sizes for misses from eight to fifteen years of age.

The hat is of dark blue chip, trimmed with satin and tips of the shade of the dress.